the hollows Role: 2d,3d art, animation, web design A VR cave exploration game for the HTC Vive in Ira Fays vr class hampshire college built in unity 2017
8-bit zardoz role: all An incomplete side scroller made for the 1976 movie zardoz. built in Stencyl. 2015 arrow keys to move or jump, space bar to shoot
HItbox role: all unreleased mobile game. a monster in a box trys to cross the energy grid by punching through a series of box like attackers. built in stencyl 2014 tap to punch


Morning ritual Role: 2d art, writing A text / image adventure global game jam game done at montserrat college of art built in squiffy 2016 Click to navigate and live with your choices
werewolf puncher Role: art, programming Purple Monkey game jam find the werewolf hidden amidst townsfolk and punch him. made in unity initially rebuilt in stencyl 2013 arrow keys to move space bar to punch
wipeout Role: Programming, music global game jam game done at montserrat college of art 2015 You're on the pot and out of TP, now what? Click to try different wiping options
sky guardians 
role: art assets, music Purple Monkey game jam a 2 player game, cross the streams to beat the cloud boss Built in COnstruct2 2015 Dual stick controls, best played with controllers
2chainz live in color 
role: cut scene and title design, game assets A promotional infinite runner for adidas and champ sports done by kamp grizzley in 2013
role: all A click through adventure built in flash made in 2008